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HPMI EVENTS (including Clusters)

03/02/15 - Diabetes - Devices - Event Details and Registration

14/02/15 - Women's Health Day - Event Details and Registration

19/02/15 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Health - Event Details and Registration

24/02/15 - Mirena Insertion - Event Details and Registration

26/02/15 - Information Sharing Forum - Event Details and Registration

07-08/03/15 - Paediatric Weekend - Event Detailsand registration

28/03/15 - Practical Procedures Day - Event Details and Registration


05/02/15 - Endoscopy  Who Needs It? - Event Details and Registration


HPMI organises online courses in Shared Obstetrics Care, Geriatrics, Ear Irrigation, Wound Closure and Hand Cleansing.


HPMI is extremely grateful to all of our 2014 Sponsors for their support. 2015 Sponsorship opportunities are now available. Organisations are invited to complete an Expression of Interest.


HPMI MEETINGS HELD (to link to handouts & seminar videos click on meeting titles )

HPMI Newcastle Weekend
Update Series
Speciality Series
Nursing CPD
Practice Administration CPD

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HPMI wishes to thank the following 2014 Benefactors for their additional support:

Dr Barry Chapman

Dr Philip Colman

Dr Charles Finlay-Jones

Professor Alan Hewson

Dr Doug Howarth

Dr Peter O'Brien

Dr Chandrasekhara Padmakumar

Dr Paul Wilson