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21 Nov - Paediatric & Neonatal Resuscitation

11 Nov - A Hospsital in Newcastle 1817-2017

09 Nov - Practice Admin CPD - Infection Control

02 Nov - Nursing CPD - Paediatric Asthma

21 Oct - Practical Management Day

Practice nurses are needed to participate in a randomised controlled trial evaluating a pragmatic e-learning program to assist with improving CKD screening in the general practice setting. Click here for more information

HPMI Secretariat has moved to The Station 2, University of Newcastle,Callaghan

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23 Nov - Triage in General Practice - (6-8.30pm FAC Training Room, University Callaghan)

30 Nov -  Ear Syringing & Wax Management -  (6-8.30pm  Brunker Road GP, Adamstown) Fully Subscribed next on 1/5/18

2 Dec 2017  - DIABETES DAY (9am - 5pm, HMRI, John Hunter Hospital, New Lambton Heights)

5 Dec - Newcastle LDAT - Make FASD History (6-8pm Newcastle City Hall)

15 Feb 2018 - Incontinence (Nursing CPD 6-8.30pm FAC Training Room, University Callaghan)

17 February 2018-ORTHOPAEDICS DAY (9am - 5pm, HMRI, John Hunter Hospital, New Lambton Heights)

 20 Feb 2018 - MIrena Insertion -  (6-8.30pm  Brunker Road GP, Adamstown)

22 Feb 2018 - Medicare Item Numbers (Prac Admin CPD 6-8.30pm FAC Training Room, University Callaghan)

24 Feb 2018 - Advanced Life Support (9am-3.00 pm FAC Training Room, University Callaghan)

 27 Feb 2018 - Skin Suturing -  (6-8.30pm  Brunker Road GP, Adamstown)

2017 SPONSORSHIP PROSPECTUS   Sponsorship and Trade opportunities available for all 2017 HPMI Events

2017 Reduced Membership Benefits

$330   GROUPS

2017 HPMI Benefactors

Dr Philip Colman

Dr Rosemary Hackworthy

Professor Alan Hewson

Dr Chandrasekhara Padmakumar

2018 SPONSORSHIP PROSPECTUS   HPMI is now calling for Expressions of interest in 2018 Sponsorship Opportunities. Program is draft only.