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2019 Paediatric Update Sponsorship Prospectus: by HPMI. Publication date : 13 February 2019
(167.6 Kb)
2019 HSS Sponsorship Prospectus: by Rochelle Mowbray. Publication date : 12 November 2018
(192.3 Kb)
2019 HPMI Sponsorship Prospectus: by Shelley Mills. Publication date : 23 October 2018
2019 HPMI Sponsorship Prospectus (1,294.8 Kb)
2018 Shared Obstetric Care Day: by Shelley Mills.
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HPMI WEBSITE home Page setup: by HPMI.
Instructions for setting up a Platinum Home Page (52.5 Kb)
HPMI WEBSITE Banner Advertising set up: by HPMI.
Details on banner advertising images (173.9 Kb)



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