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A number of items within individual hexagons, including the medical cross, a bottle of medicine, a stethoscope, and a clipboard.
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College of Health, Medicine, & Wellbeing


The site provides viewers with valuable information on gambling statistics, the gambling cycle etc.


Medical Portals

    Log on for ANZAME Annual Conference details.
  • Alzheimer’s Australia NSW
    Alzheimer’s Australia – access to Alzheimer’s Advocate
  • Black Dog Institute
    Black Dog Institute website – houses BDI GP NEWSLETTERS
  • British Medical Journal
    You can access the British Medical Journal online at no cost and with no password formalities.
  • Doctors Reference
    An extremely useful medical portal with searchable links to medical journals, organisations, information etc.
  • HealthPathways
    • username: hnehealth
    • password: p1thw1ys
  • New Online Resources
    Journals, Nature Monthlies, and Nature research titles are available in the catalogue Newcastle at the above site.
  • The Cancer Council
    Website of the Cancer Council NSW which provides information, services and research regarding cancer.

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